Akoumianaki, Titika
Teacher’s assistant at Kindergarten
Apostolakis Evangelos (Vangelis)
School Bus driver
Georgiladaki Emmanouelia (Emmanuela)
English Teacher
She has received a degree in English Studies from National & Kapodistrian University of Athens (2003) with a “Lian Kalos” as an overall grade. She has participated in seminars titled “Managing mixed ability classes”, “Systemic functional grammar” etc. She has elaborated on assignments dealing with applied linguistics, literary translation, dyslexia, Changes of Modern Greek language caused by her English language impact as well as her EU educational studies (ERASMUS & Socrates). During 2004-2006, she has worked for foreign Language School in Chania and from 2004 she has been working for Mavromataki-Mitera School as English teacher for the Primary School and Kindergarten respectively. Her aim is to attain the communication of the language dimension and its use in everyday life. So her educational experience, as well as her teaching method ensures that the English language teaching at school can be fulfilled without any further study since the extended school schedule covers all the requirements. She can speak German too. She’s married with a child.
Daskalaki Chryssi (Chrysoula)
Child Care Worker
Childcare Worker Graduated from Chania Laboratory of Liberal Studies with a degree in Child Care.  She has attended a professional training program titled as ‘’PC Use’’ as a part of the Operational Program  of Competitiveness (OPCE - 3rd Community Support Framework) as well as  various seminars regarding education and creative play for Pre-Schoolers.  She has also participated in a workshop regarding First Aid. She has been working for Mavromataki-Mitera Schools since 1991.  She  considers of great importance the fact that the infants should be  in a environment of calmness and warmth where she will give them most of her love.
Dimotaki Anastasia
Kindergarten Teacher
Anastasia’s love for children, made her choose to study at the University of Crete with a degree in Early Childhood Education. From September 2008, she has been working at Mavromataki-Mitera schools as Kindergarten Teacher. She has participated in various educational programs and workshops, modern educational and psychology approaches for pre-school education, fairytale and narration, the child and the Math teaching, museum education, democracy and kindergarten, art paintings: A wonderful world for youngsters and elders e.t.c. Also, she has attended Art Therapy and First Aid seminars. Her interest as educator mainly focuses on forming a secure and appealing student environment, where each child will have the chance to enjoy and participate in activities that will motivate his/her interest, co-exist and involve with others, like solving his/her problems that may occur. It is also of great importance the literacy promotion since it determines significantly the children’s school success. Following her job framework, the playtime is definitely the greatest mean of education for the preschoolers.
Karkavatsou Chryssi (Chrysoulitsa)
Child Care Worker
She has graduated from the Department of Pre-School Education of T.E.I.  She has been working for Mavromataki-Mitera Schools’ Nursery School since 2002.  She has attended various pedagogical workshops regarding behavior problems to Pre-School kids and ways to be solved, Connection between education and culture,   σύνδεση εκπαίδευσης και πολιτισμού, expression and creation and toddler’s development, modern approaches in Pedagogy and Psychology regarding the preschool education, art therapy regarding the human relations and the human emotions. Chryssi believes that each educator’s goal should be the emotional, mental and social development of a child.
Manolakis Constantinos (Costas)
School Management, Teacher
He has received an Honors degree (1990) in Primary Education from University of Patra (with an “Arista” as an overall grade) and a MSc in “Cultural Resources Management” (2010, Honors student - Scholar). From 1994, he has been working for Mavromataki-Mitera Schools as well as a Substitute Principal for the past years. He is especially interested in the relation between Education and Culture (Arts, Theater, Museum, Environment, and TPE) and the History teaching, as he has organized many related educational workshops for the School in cooperation with other organizations. He is one of the authors of the Educational Folder “Eleftherios Venizelos: In his steps …” of the Eleftherios Venizelos National Foundation and the Ministry of Education. He has educated adult groups and he has published History, Mathematic and TPE scientific articles. He is a part of Teachers4Europe team in cooperation with the EU Representation of Greece in order to promote the Education and the Citizen’s nature. He believes that a dynamic educations needs to encourage and inspire the student in order to capture most of the knowledge using versatile teaching tools. His aim is to make sure that the student feels satisfied and content from the learning process. (Currently, he is a Sixth Grade Teacher). He is married to Vilma Mavromataki and they have two children.
Mavromataki Vasiliki-Paraskevi (Vilma)
Kindergarten Teacher
Graduated of the Athenian Center of Child Research and Study (Α.Κ.Π.Ε.Σ.) with a degree in “Preschool Education”. From 1994, she has been working for Mavromataki-Mitera Schools as a Kindergarten Teacher. She has attended workshops related to museum education, kinetic music education (Orff system), Children’s literature, Puppet Theater and Theatrical Game, Kindergarten Science Teaching as well First Aid. She designs and implements innovative educational programs related to arts and culture. In 2005, she has written and published an activity book for children about 10 art paintings of the National Gallery titled as “We are painting our world – Art for children” that has been approved by the Ministry of Education and it is taught to our Kindergarten. She educates groups of Kindergarten teachers of the Chania Prefecture and she organizes family educational seminars like “Art Paintings, a wonderful world for all”, “Chania Lighthouse, our city charm” and pastry workshops for children (and adults). With her love for children, she constantly offers a stimulus plan of an emotional and a student development through the experience and play.
Mavromataki Marianna
School Management
Mavromatakis Antonios (Antonis)
School Management
Modianaki Athanasia (Soula)
Kindergarten Teacher
She has completed her studies from the Athenian Center of Child Research and Study (Α.Κ.Π.Ε.Σ.)( 1988).  She has worked in private Nursery Schools, Kindergartens in Athens, Orestiada, Chalkida and Kos.  Since September 2002 till today, she is a part of the Mavromataki-Mitera Schools personnel.  She has attended various seminars related to connection between education and culture,  first aid, special education, fairy tales, acting, music-kinetic activities, hand-crafting  and art therapy. She is married with a child. She believes that in life: "you give what you want and you earn what you give". Therefore, she is trying to be good enough for herself, her colleagues and the children who she considers them priceless treasures.
Bonatou Kyriaki
Music Teacher
She graduated from Conservatory of Chania in 1995 with degrees in:  Counterpoint,  Harmony, Singing, Harmonium and Piano Higher Level.  For 7 years in a row, she has worked for Public Schools and for the past 14 years, she has worked to a private Conservatory of Chania as well as in Mavromataki-Mitera Schools.  She has participated in conducting school choirs as well as in music ensembles that they are visiting the city of Chania from time to time.
Svourakis Panagiotis (Takis)
Gym Instructor
Graduated from the Department of Physical Education (D.I.F.) of the University of Belgrade. At the same time, he has graduated from Basketball Coaching Academy of Belgrade (2year tuition with the right to train A1 Category Basketball Teams). His thesis is regarding Kinesiotherapy and First Aid inside the water and out. Due to his high score in swimming, he also holds a certification as a Swimming Trainer. After a 6-month internship in a Primary School in Serbia, he returns to Greece and he works a Basketball Coach for children of 9-15 years of age and at the same as Swimming Trainer for NOX. From 1997, he works for Mavromataki-Mitera Schools as Physical Education Teacher and during summer at Swimming Trainer. For a period of time between 1998-2005, he works at the Junior High School of the same School. He has been working for 7 years in Secondary Education while in Primary Education he has spent 16 years of working experience. He actively participates in Olympic Game education related programs from 2001 to 2005 and to “Kallipatira” program with a fully participation to all given seminars. Till now, he is involved with various programs regarding the Health Education, Traffic Education, and Environmental Education including the entire School’s presence to all the activities while he was organizing and implementing all the necessary actions need to be taken.
Roditakis, Ioannis (Giannis)
School Bus Driver
He holds a series of driver’s licenses, of Α, Β, Γ and Δ categories.  In 2000, he has completed his studies Ολοκλήρωσε το 2000 from Technical Vocational Training Center of Chania of ΟΑΕΔ with an Engineering degree in Thermo-Hydraulics; in 2010, he has graduated from Vocational School of Chania, with a degree in Thermal Hydraulics Installation and Conservatory Heating (Cycle 2) He has worked in stores selling plumbing equipment, hardware shops, as an employee for agricultural products, in super markets, as a general duty employee for Municipality of Nea Kydonia, at Chania Nat'l Airport for aircraft services and as an assistant operator for heavy duty machinery like forklifts.  He can speak English and he is a PC literate. In his free time, he enjoys music, swimming, IT and sports (he’s involved in soccer).