Baby Swimming (from 3 months old)

Mavromataki-Mitera Schools’ Swimming Center pioneers in the field of Baby Swimming. According to the program the baby is accompanied by a parent, with the help of a special instructor. There is no measurable danger for this class as it is offered at our Facilities with a great participation and success.
Our Swimming Center has an indoor pool exclusively for the class of Baby Swimming. The pool is eco-friendly and is subjected to a regular health control, so the necessary hygiene and safety conditions are ensured. The water temperature is steadily maintained between 30-31οC, and the classes are held in small groups. Our Facilities provide special family locker rooms for the parents and their babies. For this Class, it has formed the appropriate environment so that game comes first and the stress is away. With the guidance of a special trained swimming instructor, the babies find their first contact with the water fun and amusing.
Besides getting familiar with the water, they learn how to hold their breath and keep their head in the water even float in a supine position. It is very important the fact that the babies learn how to swim correctly in an early age, as they are guided by an instructor more efficiently than the toddlers (2-3 years old). The babies’ parents who participate actively at the class, they get informed for significant matters related to their children’s safety. The most important remains the fact that water relaxes, takes the daily stress away, something that helps to develop a qualitative and emotional contact with the baby. The parents, the baby and the instructor develop a mutual relationship of trust with many benefits in common. The baby’s muscular nervous and cardiovascular systems are strengthened, especially its immune system. The baby naturally gains knowledge and skills that will help him/her to accomplish a physical, a spiritual and a mental balance, according to the class’s results, so the baby will be healthy and content.