For the past years, on the occasion of Christmas, Carnival and Easter Celebrations, the Mavromatakis-Mitera Schools has been organizing pastry classes for children. Children between 5-12 years old get the chance to ‘play’ for 2 and a half hours and create unique, sweet, traditional or even more modern delicacies according to the time of season. They get in touch with pastry ingredients, they learn how to measure dosology, blend, knead and roll according to the instructions.
They decorate their pastry in an original and imaginative way using: colored sprinkles, candy, sugar paste, icing, chocolate, nuts etc. During the class, there is much fun, creativity, smells that keep the spirit up and increase the appetite. Then, the childhood memories are created and it remains unforgettable for each child to understand what the meaning behind each celebration is.
After each class is completed, each child will be able to get the delicacies he/she has prepared, kept in a special case and reciprocate to his/her instructors with the sweetest smile! On special request, pastry classes for adults are also taking place.