Ages between 3 to 6 years

The infants segments of Mavromatakis – Mitera are three (post-infant, pre-kindergarten and kindergarten) and separated according to their date of birth of children.

Each department operates in a separate room, under the guidance of a qualified kindergarten teacher and follows a particular curriculum. The aim is to develop the diverse skills and creative expression of children involved in learning processes that help to enrich their vocabulary and develop language, both cognitively and spiritually.

Books taught are exclusively targeted for preschool education. More particularly in Kindergarten there is an emphasis on connecting speech with written work (emerging engrammatismos) in order to properly prepare for the first year of elementary school. Children have access to an independent and secure courtyard with a playground where they are always under the supervision of their teacher.

They also have access to an internally located playground. The children that attend the kindergarten program have physical education lessons every week by a qualified trainer.

All Toddler Departments provide: breakfast and lunch, transportation by school bus, swimming lessons, regular updates and consultation with parents.