“Progressive Tennis Courses” for children of 4 years and above

At Mavromatakis-Mitera Schools Facilities there are two tennis courts. In this area, a skilled instructor teaches the “Progressive Tennis Method”, a method that has been popular abroad for many years at is the most appropriate for little children who wish to learn more about tennis.
“What is Progressive Tennis?”
So the equipment, as well as the tennis court is gradually changing according to the child’s age. The tennis rackets’ shape is changing, so each time, the child can be able to use them right. Initially, the tennis balls are bigger with slower speed, which allows the child to develop correctly his/her moves and techniques. The court’s dimensions are altered each time the techniques and the stamina of the child is improved (initially ½ of the court is used, then it is used the ¾ of the court, at the end, the entire court is used). The tennis courses are held in small groups and meet twice or three times per week in special designed tennis courts. In case of bad weather conditions, there is an indoor practice facility.

Tennis Courses for adults and Tennis Courts Use

The ‘mini tennis’ philosophy is applicable to adults (beginners), who are lacking of the necessary physical condition in order to play tennis in a regular tennis court. The ‘mini tennis’ offers the possibility for a beginner to play and get trained with the same strength he would use in a regular tennis but in smaller court. Therefore, the risk of injuries is diminished. Progressively, as the individual gets stronger, he can use the ¾ of the court till he will be able to use the entire court. The special tennis ball use allows the individual to develop the same force to a smaller court. There is a possibility a skilled instructor, might teach a tennis class for beginners and advanced adults. It has also predicted that the tennis court area can be reserved for those who wish to play.