The Mavromatakis-Mitera Schools pioneer at the city of Chania as they organize and form innovative family workshops. These workshops’ aim is to involve parents and children to an interesting, innovative and educational procedure in which common roles are modified. Each family operates as a team which is involved in a series of experiential actions and its members learn to collaborate, exchange ideas, get expressed and get entertained.
Family Workshops that are implemented at this period of time are:

“Chania’s Lighthouse, the gem of our city”: It is usually taking place a Sunday morning, by the jetty (East of the harbor) as a meeting point, for the supporters and the families. Each family gets an envelope, in which material with tasks is enclosed and actions to be taken from this starting point till the lighthouse’s stairs. As the families are walking by the jetty, they are surrounded by a series of actions like, evidence based on history facts that is concerning the adults, observation actions, sticker puzzles, painting, poems, surprises …

“Art Paintings, a world for all of us”, it is another family educational workshop that is taking place at the Mavromatakis-Mitera Schools’ Reception Hall, once a year. Copies from the National Gallery Art Paintings decorate the Hall and invite us to a journey in the world of Arts. While music is playing in the background, each family works as a team, as they all observe the paintings, and pick the one they prefer the most and focus on it, by writing fictional stories, painting, exchanging ideas, expressing its feelings for all the paintings.