On Friday, November 11, 2016 we started the experiential environmental education program “The Bread Cycle” and the experience was unique! Firstly we have plowed our field, then we have sowed with wheat and we have tasted a hearty ,  traditional snack.

We would like to thank the adorable donkey, “Tasia”, Mr. John Labrino for his valuable  help, the School consultant Mr. Antoni Mylonaki for his support and the photographer Mr. Costa Mylonaki for his great pictures , Mr. Stamatis Apostolakis for the photographs which have been sent to us, Mr. Theodore Paparaftaki and Joseph Bolaki who have helped us, the parents of our students who embraced again our efforts, the teachers of elementary and primary school, the class of kindergarten and our students who participated in the activities. Their  smile was the best reward. Moreover , we would like to say a great thank you to the school’s owners Mr. Antoni and Mrs. Marianna Mavromataki whose contribution was important.. Finally , we had visitors from an other kindergarten in Chania with their teacherMrs. Evangelia Kalogeri who have been participate in activities with our kindergarten teacher Ms. Konstantina Bonataki .

Today was a school day, “full” of joy and smiles. Until now we have to be papatience until spring to see the seeds to germinate and we meet again in Harvest!

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