The Aqua Aerobic Class operates at Mavromatakis-Mitera Schools’ Swimming Center as it helps adults to get trained effectively without injuries as long as the joints, the bones and the muscles are not burdened.
The benefits are many: The fat is burning, the ‘resistant’ body areas get tightened, as the cellulite is decreasing via the water’s hydrostatic pressure and its massage inside, the body’s agility and elasticity get improved, orthopedic and blood flow problems get treated (varicose veins and phlebitis), the blood circulation gets improved, the muscular system gets stimulated (hands, legs, back, chest, abdominals and the dorsals), the osteoporosis and the rheumatoid arthritis are anticipated, the back pains get relieved …
It is equally important that the psychosomatic relaxation is achieved thanks to the liquid asset. The participants enjoy the feeling of well-being and rejuvenation that it is offered at this small group. Special trained Swimming instructors are guiding the trainees.
The Class is taking place in an indoor eco-friendly pool (ozone disinfection), heated
(27-28οC)stable temperature) as the necessary hygiene conditions are ensured. The pool is also available individually to adults and to those with special needs.